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Site Rules - Please Read

Please see below for the rules. We reserve the right to add/delete/change any rules at any time...Dearie!

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Rumplestiltskin (Admin)

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Site Rules - Please Read :: Comments


Post on 6/17/2012, 4:43 pm by Admin

1) Welcome and please feel free to start new threads in the Chat or Spoiler Alert areas. Please keep in mind that if we feel a thread or comment is better suited for another area, we reserve the right to move, merge, split, or delete it.

2) Please be respectful of everyone. Our tastes and opinions differ wildly. That's what makes discussions so much fun. No personal attacks are allowed. Unflattering sentences that begin like 'You are' can be left unsaid. There is zero tolerance for threats, attempts at impersonation, or harassment of any kind.

3) Please don't violate copyright laws in your posts/threads.

4) Please use spoiler tags around information that can be deemed a spoiler or somehow indicate in your thread title that the post may contain spoilers. This is out of respect to our members who prefer to not know information ahead of time. If you start a topic or make a response in the SPOILER ALERT forum you do not need to indicate your topic or comment is a spoiler as that area is intended for open spoiler discussion.

5) Use the search function first to see if the thread you want to start isn't already available. Please don't add the same thread multiple times. *NOTE*: It appears the search function will only find matching words that are at least four letters long, so it won't find short words or abbreviations like Red, PC, or SW. It also won't do partial matches unless you use the 'wild card' symbol '*' which stands for any number of characters between these two letters or to the end of the word. For example, searches like 'Rump*' and 'Rum*skin' will both find Rumplestiltskin or variations. Just typing in 'Rump' in your search will not find Rumplestiltskin, it will only find topics with that exact word. Its also a good idea when searching on here to start the search with the wildcard symbol in order to pull up related topics that started with some non-alphabetic character. For example if I wanted to search Blue Fairy I would put the following in the search field: *Blue*

6) Please don't hijack threads. Keep comments on the topic of the thread's original post.

You don't want to anger the Evil Queen - Thanks!

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