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Under the sea

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S3 E6 Ariel :: Comments


Post on 10/30/2013, 1:55 pm by Bluphoenix444

I just happened to see the CtV canadian promo where Regina is magically strangling the faux-Belle !!  Rumpel goes to Regina, and then turn to Belle screaming No!!!

Now what happened to the Gold who wanted nothing else but to crush Regina for having kept belle alive away from him....

I simply couldn't believe his reaction towards Regina. The Gold/Rump we know would have sent Regina flying away to sea with a  waive of his hand.

Where are Kitsis and Horowitz when the final scripts are finalized or are they simply too busy, looking in an another direction? Twist it the way you want! No way  will  I ever believe  characters can be changed that much by a world. 

I had a look at the Once upon in Wonderland. Pffff! This show wont go thru next year.

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