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Birthname: Unknown
FTL Persona: The Huntsman
Storybrooke Persona: Sheriff Graham
Nicknames or Pseudonyms:
Born: FTL
Death: Dead-Regina crushed his heart
Last Seen: In castle being threatened by EQ for letting Prince Charming escape.
Characteristics: Brave, Honorable, compassionate
Memorable quote(s): "I gave up my heart so that the Queen would spare Snow's. Don't let my sacrifice be in vain."
"It's my heart, Emma. I need to find it. "

Topic Fairy Tale Land (or other world) Storybrooke (or Our World)
Spouses None None
Significant Other(s) N/A Regina/Emma
Mother Unknown/raised by wolves N/A
Father Unknown/raised by wolves N/A
Children None None
Occupation Huntsman Sheriff
Sexual Encounters EQ Regina/ kisses Emma

Major Mysteries or Questions:

The Huntsman/Sheriff Graham
The Huntsman is a common hunter in Fairytale Land who is captured by the Evil Queen and ordered to kill Snow White. However, when he sets out to do this deed, he ends up sparing her life. As a result, the Evil Queen takes his heart and keeps him as a prisoner in her castle.
Graham is Storybrooke’s dashing town sheriff. He is level headed and competent, a man of action, always rising to the moment. As sheriff, Graham works very closely with Regina, the town’s mayor. Perceptive and diplomatic, he has an easy rapport with everyone in town, including (perhaps surprisingly) Regina.

Played By: Jamie Dornan
"Sheriff Graham is a man, who through his position of authority always wants to do the right thing. He's a little naive, and is too easily controlled by the Mayor. Graham is constantly battling to be his own person and to feel things out for himself.

Graham is someone who struggles to convey his emotions, and I, on the other hand, am very open with my emotions, so this was something I had to work on when playing Graham - closing off to an extent."

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Post on 9/30/2012, 12:17 am by SW7_PC2

belleoftheball wrote:since graham lost his heart maybe he could be brought back as the Tin Man or something if they they introduce OZ! I miss that accent of his...

That is a good thought! I have heard that from someone else once before, so it may entirely be a possibility! Seems ABC or the writers watch our page, lol! What a Face

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Post on 9/29/2012, 5:23 pm by Belleoftheball

since graham lost his heart maybe he could be brought back as the Tin Man or something if they they introduce OZ! I miss that accent of his...

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@EvilQueen Hello, I am a Moderator on this site and I had to delete your post because we don't allow these kind of posts on here. So you this is a warning this time but if there is a next time this happens, I will have to let Rumple know! Also we do have rules as well if you go to the welcome button, click on it and go to the Site Rules click on that so you can reread the rules to this site. So remember you have been warned, so be careful with what you post. Thank You!

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