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So seems to me that the curse pulled everybody that was from fairytale land and in another land either back to FTL or into storybrooke.

Jefferson was in wonderland and he came to SB although Regina did say she brought him over.

Cora got send to another land presumable wonderland also and she got sent back to ftl.

Capt Hook is supposed to be in neverland. So i'm guessing that he is originally from FTL somehow gets to neverland and the curse brought him back to FTL. Its the only thing that makes sense if Rump is as old as the writers say.

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Post on 10/31/2012, 8:20 pm by playarita

I think that Regina's curse was hinged on the fact that it was limited by Regina's scope or perception. She brought along people she knew basically kingdoms that she knew of, or specific people that she knew of (King Midas's daughter for instance).

That said I do think a curse like that has a lot of ramifications. I believe that prior to the curse there were set portals to reach the different worlds however when Regina enacted the curse it expended a lot of (magical) energy which could have different effects on the portals.

The way I was thinking about it is that because she forcibly moved her land to ours it caused a void that had to be filled. So either a new land was formed (in its infancy who has to yet to mature) or the other lands had been effected where they were once "far apart" are now close together or new portals opened up to different places and different alternate times (Alice's world and time, Frankenstein already existed but the curse seems to have possibly broken it)

I also wonder what effects that Regina's curse had on our world. Even if we were a world with no magic (their kind of magic) but it might have effected the kind of magic we have here (I am of the belief that all worlds have some sort of magic some less then others, some less tangible and visible then others). That said something like Regina's curse should have had repercussions on our world. It would be interesting to see how that might be shown or if it will.

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Post on 10/29/2012, 9:00 pm by hermione982175

Okay, we learn some more about the curse in the episode of The Doctor. Regina have reveal that she only choose people who are living, who she set the curse on and what she choose to bring with her. So with that in mind, Regina only brought , who are friends with Snow White and Prince Charming, Snow White and Prince Charming (we already know that reason), Jefferson and Dr. Whales because they couldn't bring back Daniel back alive (we know they both lie about that to Regina (who find out later in the episode when Dr. Whales finally brought Daniel back to life) and that Dr. Whales only wanted the heart in the first place. This is also might be the reason why Jefferson was trapped in Wonderland in the first place.), other people in Storybrooke, we haven't met that did something to Regina in the past or wrong her (Like Hansel and Gretel (who didn't want to live with the Evil Queen). This also explain why some people were left in Fairytale land. We know that she left her mother there on purpose (or maybe she doesn't know about that yet). Then the other people who are still in Fairytale land like Mulan and Sleeping Beauty maybe she doesn't know them or simply just left some fairytale land people there in the first place. Now, for Rumple, he made the curse in the first place so he could find his son in Our world so that why he in Storybrooke in the first place. Does that make sense? So it is interesting now, we are learning how the curse work.

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Post on 10/18/2012, 9:49 pm by SW7_PC2

Cora was TOTALLY Pulled from Wondeland! She is the QoH we have been right all along and I can bet on it! She was pushed into "The Looking Glass" the SAME way the doorway to WL looked in Jefferson's hat!

I REALLY hope they talk about NL, because so far I have only seen photos of him in FTL past and present. But since he is a season regular for the "back nine" (as they called it) they will probably explore it, I mean they have to! Right?! LMAO!

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Post on 10/18/2012, 12:30 pm by Guest

yeah, im interested to see how all that works and if they'll ever explain how its happened via the characters.

also about how hook got to NL, in the photos that are released it shows regina, rumple, hook, and jeff with a crystal ball. iv seen different versions of how they got to NL in other shows like "Neverland" who got there through a crystal ball, so i cant help but wonder...

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