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Grumpy and nova Empty Grumpy and nova

Since everyone is stuck in storybrooke now.. I'm wondering/hoping that Nova and Grumpy will get back together. I mean I know magic is back but it doesn't mean shes going to be able to be a fairy like she was before and if shes not a regular fairy anymore then i doubt she will be able to turn into a FG. so maybe she and grumpy can finally be together. If they do end up together I hope Nova gives BF a big kick in the A** for interfering Twisted Evil

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Grumpy and nova :: Comments


Post on 7/24/2012, 5:31 am by wileycatpp

Well I have hope that we will hear something about them after all they did say in an interview that we would find out what happened to everyone after rump let magic loose in storybrooke, so fingers crossed they revisit their story). I want them to be together. and I really want someone to B****slap BF. Twisted Evil

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Post on 7/23/2012, 8:23 pm by Casey2u

I agree about BF and Grumpy. Though would be nice to revisit, don't think they will I do think Hook is going to be a big nemisis for this season. They said last year they really wanted to bring Peter Pan into the story. I think that may be happening with the introduction of Hook. I wouldn't rule out more double characters like Rump/Beast in the future. Dr. Whale really has me stumped. I think that Monstro is way to obvious. The Dr. part may be the way to go, but Jeckle/Hyde isn't really thought of as a fairytale in my opinion. I thought about the Whale as a synonym (sp) for crying or shouting, but can't come up with a character to fit. Just some thoughts. :)

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Post on 7/23/2012, 7:04 pm by Guest

Wiley...the fact they're not making much of this is scary. I think what happened with Dreamy and Nova is a 'past story'...kind of like the Graham situation. A casualty of circumstances...you can't have everyone having 'happily ever afters'. :(

I hope they DO follow up on this...but, find with all the new "players" in SB...it may be a mute point now.


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Post on 7/22/2012, 7:28 pm by Guest

haha i wanna know whats up with the BF even though i still am not fully convinced shes evil. but yeah i think grump needs his happy ending! i think the BF had no right to interfere

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