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Jefferson and his 'Hat'

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Jefferson and his 'Hat' - Page 2 Empty Emma/Henry and Jefferson/Grace

I'm intrigued that we have this situation show up in OUAT.

With Emma finally re-connecting with Henry after all this time...THEN, to have Jefferson introduced into OUAT with a daughter he's linked to due somewhat to the "loss of her mother". :?:

We do not know Henry's father OR Grace's mother?...season 2 better answer these questions!!!

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Jefferson and his 'Hat' :: Comments


Post on 6/28/2012, 2:14 pm by Guest

Ok...season 2 is coming...JMHO:

Jeff is NOT happy with Regina and is making himself more visible in the town. He is now becoming more of a catalyst in what is to come...releasing Belle from the hospital was BIG!!! He also has possession of his 'Hat' back, thanks to Regina.

We speculate that Bae came to "this time/SB" through the BF provided portal. We also believe Rump did what he could to incorporate finding Bae in the "whole of the events" that will happen beyond the curse...master planner that he is! We see a shift of things to come with "magic coming" and power now a player in Rumps and Regina's hands. We're not sure what side the BF is on...but, I believe Jefferson will be on the side of 'good'.

So, the 'Hat' is a portal...plain and simple.
IF Rump got ahold of that hat w/Jeff...finding Bae??? Regina...bring Daniel back???...the Huntsman to this time/SB??? The playing field is now wide open...
To back up my statement...Jeff told Regina in 'Apple Red as Blood'..."then you need to direct me to the time-place where this object(apple) exists." Regina replies "how?" Jeff states..."think about it-guide the Hat". So, if the 'Hat' can be directed to locate an item in a certain place/time...who's to say it can't be directed to locate a person.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this...but, define 'portal'. We know there are numerous doors leading to different lands inside that hat...and FTL is one of them. Regina states as much when she initially tells Jeff the '1 more trip' would involve going back to 'our world'. We do not know all the lands the 'Hats' doors lead to...

Jeff told Belle his name when he released her...does she tell Rump inevitably?


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Post on 6/28/2012, 2:17 am by Guest

can't wait!!!!

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Post on 6/28/2012, 1:22 am by Guest

Based on what we've seen season 1...we now know that if 'magic' is available, the 'Hat' is a portal to travel through/acquire objects through. We also know that Jefferson appears to be the only one that knows how to control that 'magic' it works.
(We saw Jeff and Regina go to WL through it and Jeff retrieve the apple for Regina through it, as well...examples to back up.)

I think that is a major reason Regina brought Jeff from WL to SB with the curse. He was her 'ace in the hole'...no one else seemed to know about him BUT her! He helped that fact by being more of a recluse within the town... We know there is more to his backstory that hasn't been revealed yet...like how he met up w/Regina, acquired the 'Hat', who Grace's mother is, etc...
Season 2 BETTER answer at least those questions...

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Post on 6/9/2012, 3:16 pm by Guest

Emma now has Henry in SB...we know the 'Mother/son' bond has been re-established, though, 'legally' Regina is still his 'mother' in SB. Not sure how they're(the writers) going to explain this or work this angle or if it's going to be something we'll see resolution to in Season 2...I would think so.

Now, we need to see how the effects of 'magic coming' and the curse being 'broken' affects Paige/Grace and Jefferson. I don't think a 'kiss' is going to work resolution here... :(

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Post on 6/7/2012, 4:16 pm by Guest

I agree! there is way too much coincindence and mystery there!

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