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Memorable quote(s): "I want my father back"; "You're a coward"

Before Rumplestiltskin became the powerful sorcerer he is today, Baelfire was his only family and greatest treasure. When Baelfire was young, his mother abandoned him and Rumplestiltskin because of Rumplestlitskin's cowardice on the battlefield during an Ogre War . Baefire goes and finds the Reul Ghorm, which turns out to be the Blue Fairy. She gives him a magic bean to take him and his father to a "land without magic". Baelfire is last seen being sucked into the portal cursing his father a coward for not going with him.
Bae was sent to our world in england where he was taken in by the Darlings family(from the peter pan story). His stay with Wendy and company is short lived as he is taken by "Peter Pan" to Neverland. He meets Hook in Neverland and finds out the truth about what happened to his mother.
Bae eventually winds up back in our world.
As an adult going by the name of Neal Cassidy, he meets and falls in love with Emma but later leaves her when he runs into PIno/August, and August reveals Emmas destiny to him.
When Bae/Neal is reunited with Emma and Rump he finds out Henry is his son.

Bae Played By: Dylan Schmid
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Neal Cassidy Played by: Michael Raymond-James

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Baelfire/Neal Cassidy :: Comments


Post on 6/16/2012, 2:11 pm by wileycatpp

I will be so upset I want Bae Answers. It's bad enough I have to wait til sep for them to come back on if I have to wait til the end of the season to find out about Bae I wil go coo coo. :affraid: :lol!: :lol!: :lol!:

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Post on 6/16/2012, 2:06 pm by Guest

look how long they made us wait to find out who August was...i just hope they don't wait until the END of the series to tell us what happened to Bae!

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Post on 6/16/2012, 11:16 am by wileycatpp

What happened to Bae when he got sucked into the portal and come out in our world? Did he like pino and Emma wind up in foster care? How old is he now? Where is he and what has he been doing all this yrs? Does he hate his father? Do you think he will forgive him? Once he does show up, do you think the EQ will be able to trick/use/convince him to go against rump?
I think he is Henrys biological father. If he turns out to be Henry's dad do you think they(the writers ) will eventually have Emma and Him get back together? :?:
ugh there are so many questions surrounding him, I really hope they don't make us wait to the end of season two to answer some of these questions.

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