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Frederick/Jim (Gym Teacher)

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Frederick/Jim (Gym Teacher) Empty Frederick/Jim (Gym Teacher)

Frederick/Jim (Gym Teacher) 1x13-Frederick03 Frederick/Jim (Gym Teacher) 1x13-GymTeacher

Birthname: Frederick
FTL Persona: Frederick
Storybrooke Persona: Jim
Nicknames or Pseudonyms:
Born: FTL
Death: Alive
Last Seen: Looking in Kathryn's empty car on the side of the rd.
Characteristics: Noble
Memorable quote(s): "I am forever indebted to you."

Topic Fairy Tale Land (or other world) Storybrooke (or Our World)
Spouses Engaged to Princess Abigail
Significant Other(s) Princess Abigail
Children none
Occupation Knight
School Teacher
Sexual Encounters None

Major Mysteries or Questions: Why was Frederick driving away from Storybrooke?

Frederick is the true love of Princess Abigail, and the two were engaged to be married. Frederick was accidentally turned into a gold statue by King Midas while he was defending him from robbers. After several years and many unsuccessful attempts to break the curse by Princess Abigail, Prince Charming helps her undo the curse.
Jim is a teacher in the Storybrooke Elementary School. He and Kathryn Nolan bump into each other, but don't have any further interaction. When Katheryn goes missing he is seen driving away from Storybrooke where he finds Kathryn's crashed car.

Played By: Greyston Holt

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