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Amazing Theory on Tamara  Empty Amazing Theory on Tamara

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Tamara's introduction created an instant problem for everyone in Storybrooke: how could an outsider be allowed to know about magic? “Selfless, Brave & True” will likely give us an answer to that question as we see how she affects the ties that bind Neal to Emma and Henry. But I think Tamara herself has ties to another character, and that connection could have serious consequences for Neal and his new found family.

I think Tamara is the daughter of Cinderella's fairy godmother.

What. No Way!!

Yes way. The hint came in “Queen of Hearts,” when Rumple and Regina ventured into the mines to steal the magic from the diamonds. Regina asked how they were going to collect it, and Rumple produced the fairy godmother's wand as he said, “With a little help from a fairy. Dead one. And believe me, no one mourns her.”

To me this is a clear indicator that someone does mourn the fairy godmother, and they will seek revenge to bring that story thread full-circle. With season two's ongoing theme of parents reuniting with children, emphasized by Neal's reunion with his father and introduction to his son, it seems appropriate to think that the person grieving the fairy godmother will be her child. Given that Rumple's ultimate desire was to find his son, it would also be the ultimate revenge for the fairy's child to destroy that relationship.

Enter Tamara.

How could that be? Fairies don't have kids!

As far as we know, fairies don't have kids. But when OUAF editor Gareth Hughes asked show creator Adam Horowitz whether fairies are born or if they choose fairyhood, Adam answered, “We hope to explore the backstories and mythology behind fairies in more detail in the future.” While this is hardly confirmation of either scenario, it does create the possibility that a person can choose to become a fairy, and that such a person could have a family prior to their transformation.

I think we'll find out that Cinderella's fairy godmother made that choice to give her daughter a better life. This provides a direct contrast for Neal and Tamara: both of them were given up for magic, but Tamara's mother sacrificed so her daughter would reap the benefits, whereas Bae was given up so his father would keep his power.

I think the Blue Fairy told Tamara about her mother's death; she would be the one to break the news, after all. In another parallel to Baelfire, Tamara developed an aversion to magic and found a way to our world to live in peace. At some point she also found out that Neal is Rumple's son, and her hatred for the man who killed her mother was renewed. She engaged their relationship with the intent of revenge, a vengeance she will surely seek once she arrives in Storybrooke.

UPDATE, 3/26/13

Last night's episode revealed information about Tamara which adds more weight to this theory:

Tamara and the Dragon shared this exchange before she killed him: “I have been searching for someone like you for a very long time.” “Ah, for magic.” “It's rare in this world. So rare most would say it's fiction.” She went on to say, “But finding it, that has not been easy. I found a world full of frauds.” The long search and repeated use of 'worlds' could be circumstantial but they also fit the scenario in my theory.

When the Dragon accosted her for stealing the red potion from August, she replied with “I paid for what's in this bottle.” Losing her mother would be a very high price indeed.

August asked if she and Neal planned to take the magic out of Storybrooke. We never saw what Tamara intended to do with the red potion. Taking the magic out of Storybrooke could be a literal red herring for Tamara's plan for the potion, or it could be exactly what Tamara and Greg are in town to do, particularly if they both harbor resentment towards magic for the loss of their parents.

She carried a photo of herself and her grandmother and also talked about their relationship. While the details could have been a lie, if they were true then they're another indicator that Tamara's mother is not around. The picture itself is also a hint to that possibility.

It appeared that Tamara overheard Emma, Snow and Geppetto's conversation about the Blue Fairy in the diner, after which she watched them leave with a hard expression on her face. I think it was a clue to Tamara's past with fairies.

Finally, the promo for the next episode included the following screenshots which are directly linked to this theory. The first is the scene from “Queen of Hearts” that I mentioned above, when Rumple and Regina steal the magic from the mine diamonds. The second is of Tamara from the scene in the previous point, in the diner during “Selfless, Brave and True.” I think the promo was a hint at their connection.

Source: OUAT News UK
A Fan Theory by Zach Van Norman


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Amazing Theory on Tamara :: Comments


Post on 3/26/2013, 10:39 pm by hermione982175

That it interesting thought about Tamara's "taser" having magic power since an actual one like you said wouldn't harm August in the first place. So I think that may be right as well because I couldn't figure out how else it could harm August in the first place.

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Post on 3/26/2013, 9:18 am by SW7_PC2

It does make A LOT of sense. She is after Rumple (or doesn't know quite yet who she is after) because HE stole/killed The FGM (Possibly her Gma) and it would only be icing on the cake that the man she is looking for is Nealfire's father. But I still want to know how she is connected to Greg, maybe that met in a MA (Magic Anonymous) group, lol, for those that lost love ones to magic! HAHA!

But this would go with how Adam and Eddy said she will come about in a way we would never think! So hooking her back to a season 1 character would be GREAT! And we still never really knew if the FGM died or just disappeared...she could be in SB!

ANNNND someone wrote on FB and I think it could be possible, that Tamera's "taser" has magic powers like a fairies wand. I said this during chat, how could a taser kill someone, maybe it can, I have no clue about them, lol...but still could be a possibility!

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Post on 3/25/2013, 10:14 pm by hermione982175

This is a great theory about Tamera. I would never think of this in the first place and it make the most sense about Tamera.

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Post on 3/25/2013, 9:40 pm by Bluphoenix444

I love this as much as I liked the idea Tamara was "Her".
Who ever came up with this theory had a streak of genious, divine inspiration Lol
It makes sense

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Post on 3/25/2013, 1:36 pm by SW7_PC2

This is an AMAZING theory and since my "Tiger lily" theory was thrown out the window, I am really LOVING this one! The person that wrote this makes some very good points! I mean, the lady in that little picture she had, very well could have been The FGM! They do look an awful like each other! What do you think?!

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