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Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets

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  • 20120606
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets 197x1110

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    We open on the familiar sight of a majestic white horse, its head decorated with a plume of bright red feathers. But while assuming we’ve found ourselves in Fairy Tale Land, we pull back to discover we’re in an unexpected locale: New York City in all its kinetic glory. A stranger walks past the horse and across the bustling street to his apartment building. Entering his apartment, a sudden...

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  • 20120612
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets 197x1111

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    We open on a weathered-looking sign that reads “LEAVING STORYBROOKE”. And that ‘s when we hear a strange “HSSSSSSS,” and pan down to reveal the source of the sound. A can of spray paint is being dragged across the road. As the can finishes making a bright orange line across the road we reveal the graffiti artist to be none other than Grumpy, aka Leroy. He turns to the other six dwarfs, who...

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  • 20120612
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Rsz_de11

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    We're back in The Enchanted Forest's past where we left off in the season 1 finale. Prince Charming and Snow White are together at last and determined to overthrow King George and The Evil Queen. But King George has hired a new, mysterious General for his army who people call "Leviathan", and he attacks their encampment. In the chaos of the battle, Snow and Charming are separated and she runs...

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  • 20120828
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets The_cr10

    Belle awakens with a start after having a nightmare about her beau, Rumplestiltskin, reverting to his wicked ways. To add to her doubts, she catches him practicing with magic, and wonder if he really does want to change, or if he’s bound to use the magic he brought to Storybrooke as a means to regain his powers and control over others. She sets out to explore the town on her own, unsure if...

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  • 20120920
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Doc10

    With her mother, Cora, banished to another land and the spell book now in her hands (see Episode 202 – “We Are Both”), Regina has begun studying magic under Rumplestiltskin. The latest lesson is taking out a victim’s heart so that you can control their will. But as Rumplestiltskin instructs Regina to tear out a horse’s heart and crush it, she can’t bring herself to do it. She can’t help but remember...

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  • 20120920
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Talla10

    We join EMMA, SNOW, MULAN and AURORA as they lead their prisoner, HOOK, toward the BEANSTALK in FAIRY TALE LAND. They’re going to need to climb it to retrieve the magic compass and get back to Storybrooke. As they near the base of the stalk, Hook explains to Emma that everything she’s heard about the beanstalk is wrong. Hook tells them the giants grew the beans in order to plunder the land....

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  • 20120920
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Child_10

    It’s a new day in Storybrooke, and things seem to finally be settling into a rhythm. The Dwarfs are busy in the mines when suddenly Grumpy crashes through a wall and discovers the best news anyone’s had in a long time—diamonds. And not just any diamonds, the kind that are refined into Fairy Dust. David is elated that they may finally have the magical power needed to get Jefferson’s portal...

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  • 20121016
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Into_t10

    We open in FAIRY TALE LAND’S present day. It’s night at the base of the beanstalk that we know from EP 207. HOOK finishes climbing down only to find a very displeased CORA, especially once she finds out that Hook doesn’t have the enchanted compass. She knows that he chose to side with Emma and Snow, and intends to make him deal with the consequences. Hook tries to convince her that he was...

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  • 20121016
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Qoh10

    Our story begins in a flashback to Fairy Tale Land as Captain Hook seemingly tries to rescue a captive Belle from The Evil Queen. But when he realizes Belle knows nothing about how to kill Rumplestiltskin and wouldn’t help him do so even if she did, he quickly changes his mind about the rescue. It’s too late, though—Regina has caught him. But instead of killing the Captian, The Queen makes him...

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  • 20121128
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Cricke10

    Darkness has fallen over Storybrooke, and it’s not just the sunset. Captain Hook and Cora have arrived, but they’re being careful to keep their presence a secret. While Hook is eager to skin his crocodile, Rumplestiltskin, Cora reminds him that magic has come to Storybrooke and skinning him won’t be quite so easy. She concocts a new plan that will have Regina ready to accept her mother’s...

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  • 20121128
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Images10

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    It’s a cold, dark night on the Storybrooke town line, as Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) stands intently looking out as the road stretches onward to the rest of the world. His son, Baelfire, is somewhere out there, and Gold is intent on finding him. But when someone crosses the town line, they lose all memory of their true, Fairy Tale selves and forever taken on their cursed identity. Mr. Gold...

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  • 20121215
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets In_the10

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    We pick up right where we left off at the scene of a shooting and car accident. Captain Hook has shot Belle, sending her tumbling over the town line without the protection of Mr. Gold’s spell. Then, just as Gold was about to incinerate the pirate, a strange car hits Hook and crashes on the side of the road. Emma, Mary Margaret and David all arrive on the scene to help and rush Belle...

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  • 20121215
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Tiny10

    A cane handle knocks on a familiar door, and EMMA opens the threshold of her apartment to find an impatient looking MR. GOLD, asking Emma if she’s ready to go. “Almost,” she tells him, as Henry walks in, asking, “Do you think we’ll be cold where we’re going or warm?” Emma, a bit at a loss as Gold hasn’t told them their destination, tells...

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  • 20130111
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    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets Manhat10

    We open in a familiar HOVEL in FAIRY TALE LAND, where Rumple’s wife MILAH sews. RUMPLESTILTSKIN, still an ordinary man, rushes in and excitedly tells Milah that he’s been called to the Ogres-war. Milah is frightened for him, and if it wasn’t clear already our story has gone back to a point in Rumple’s history when he and Milah...

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  • 20130111
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets 197x1110

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    Our story begins in Fairy Tale Land as young Snow White’s birthday approaches. Her mother, the beautiful Queen Eva, guides Snow White to her chambers to give her a special birthday present. Inside, they find one of their servants, Johanna, trying on a tiara that’s meant for Snow. The young princess chides Johanna sharply until the Queen stops her, telling Snow that everyone is deserving of love and respect....

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  • 20130111
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets 197x1111

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    Our tale begins in Fairy Tale Land many years ago, as a young woman approaches her simple home to find her drunken father napping on his sacks of flour. She chides him for his laziness and takes the flour to market herself. There, a smug and mean-spirited young Princess trips her, sending her sprawling on the ground and costing her several bags of flour. To make matters worse, the King himself shames The...

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  • 20130204
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets 240x1310

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    Once upon a time—well, okay, in 1983 to be precise—Curt Flynn and his son Owen were out on an overnight camping trip in the woods of Maine. Just as Curt was handing over a leather braid to Owen, a sudden storm struck. The next morning they found their truck smashed by a fallen tree and wandered toward the road to look for help. But instead of the road, they found Storybrooke, a town that seemingly appeared...

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  • 20130204
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets 197x1112

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    Our story begins in a relaxing beach-side bungalow in Phuket on October 24, 2011. August W. Booth is sleeping soundly next to a beautiful, naked woman, when, at 8:15am, a sudden pain shoots through his leg. As he looks at it, he sees his greatest fear come to life—he’s turning back into wood. The beautiful woman can’t seem to see it, but August knows that it’s real. Something has changed.

    Back in...

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  • 20130204
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    (ABC has yet to post episode to page)

    Happy Birthday, Henry! Henry blows out his candles and his grampa, Mr. Gold, offers him anything in the shop for his present. Henry picks a wand and asks for a demonstration. Mr. Gold shows him, by turning Henry to porcelain. Emma, Mary Margaret, David and Neal all freak out and ask why he would do that. Mr. Gold calmly replies that he had to, because the seer told him that Henry would be his undoing. Then he shatters porcelain Henry!

    Mr. Gold awakens suddenly, recovering from a pretty disturbing...

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  • 20130221
    More to come!

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  • 20130303
    Our story begins as young Baelfire falls through a portal from The Enchanted Forest to Victorian London. Trapped and alone in an unknown world, he’s forced to scrounge out a life on the streets until he takes a chance to sneak into a large house to steal some bread. Inside, he meets Wendy Darling, a kind girl who agrees to hide him from her family and keep him fed. But the pair are soon caught by her parents and, rather than being cast back out into the street or sent to a workhouse, Bae is invited to stay with them. It looks like things may actually work out for the young Fairy Tale Land refugee.

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  • 20130303
    Season Two Episode Recaps and Secrets 197x1110

    Our story begins in Neverland where young Baelfire has been brought aboard Captain Hook’s ship, The Jolly Roger. The captain asks the boy his name and, while he finally replies, he makes his hatred of pirates pretty clear. He blames a pirate for tearing his family apart and killing his mother. Little does Baelfire know that said pirate is Hook himself! Hook, on the other hand, realizes that Baelfire is the key to his revenge against Rumplestiltskin as well as a final connection to his...

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  • 20130325

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